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30years on the market

March 1993 was the starting point for BigBoard, the pioneer holding on the Ukrainian advertising market that specializes in out-of-home marketing solutions, employing its own outdoor assets.

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9,000 panels


BigBoard Group is currently the largest domestic outdoor advertising operator.


cities and main highways of Ukraine

throughout Ukraine

Among all the domestic media vendors, BigBoard is the major investor into urban environment improvement projects.

Market share

‘We set the priorities that lead to success”

The company offers full service package, from production and installation of advertising solutions to network servicing.

  • Active implementation of urban environment improvement projects (street furniture);
  • Bringing in of know-hows from global leaders to enhance outdoor media standards in Ukraine;
  • • Consolidation of market players and their efforts around reconstruction of the downtown area in their cities;
  • • Promotion of new designers’ formats of outdoor advertising.


  • Askold Shestunov
    Askold Shestunov
    CEO & co-founder
  • Yurii Charukha
    Yurii Charukha
    Chief Operation Officer
  • Olena Beskhlebna
    Olena Beskhlebna
    Sales Director
  • Lubov Vysochyna
    Lubov Vysochyna
    Chief Law Officer
  • Olena Petrovska
    Olena Petrovska
    Chief Financial Officer

For over twenty years of operation in the out-of-home media market, we demonstrate excellent performance in accordance with the highest industry standards. The ability to successfully maintain our leadership position for such an extensive period of time proves that BigBoard is on the right path, owing to the hard work of our team, consistent quality of servicing and commitment to innovations. Inspired by the operational excellence of our partners from JCDecaux, we will keep investing our best effort into creation of the most effective solutions in the visual environment of Ukrainian cities.

Askold Shestunov, CEO & co-founder